Useful Products

Useful Products

Dazer: No more shock collars

THE Dazer has been used successfully around the world for more than 15 years and is finally about to hit SA shores.

New drought insurance for livestock farmers

Standard Bank and Agri-Risk Specialists (AR S) have developed the R aindex Field insurance policy, a unique solution that promises livestock farmers protection against their greatest risk - drought.

Aquazure: ozone-sanitised water

Cape Town-based Wassertec Ozone Systems manufactures a range of ozone-generating equipment for air and water disinfection and sanitation. Although its target market is primarily the industrial food and beverage sector, it also supplies a wide range of systems to the wine and bottled water industries. Chris Nel gets the low-down from Rudy Regenass of Wassertec about a new development.

Enriching oxygen in incubators

Air Products launched its revolutionary Avilox® ­incubator oxygen enrichment system at the recent Avi Africa Poultry Expo 2007 at Gallagher Estate. Issue date 15 June 2007

Don’t shoot the Messenger – spray it on

The battle with vineyard pests has entered an interesting new phase with the product Messenger, a new weapon in the farmer's arsenal. Issue date 15 June 2007

Weed out pests with precision

Following on the award received for best overall professional equipment at the Four Oaks Agricultural Trade Show in Macclesfield in the UK in 2006, the German company Mantis® ULV-Spreuhgeraete GmbH's Mankar® weed control systems elicited great interest at the Bien Donné Expo at Paarl in the Western Cape in November last year. Issue Date 23 February 2007

Extracting water from thin air and sunshine

With the WaterMaker and a power source, hospital-quality water can be produced from atmospheric moisture, writes Robyn Joubert. With solar energy, it can be available in the middle of the desert, and is currently being used by US troops in Iraq.

Using ‘snapshots in time’ to solve farm disputes

Disputes and farming are synonymous, be it about boundaries, water rights, servitudes or, lately, land claims. Selective memories and emotions often distort facts, specifically where written records are absent. One solution is the comparison of aerial photographs taken at various periods. These photographs, when analysed by an expert, do not lie and provide neutral information. Chris Louw spoke to forensic imagery interpreter Adie Gerber about the use of aerial photography in dispute resolution.

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Tunnel technology improves

Putting the sparkle back into water

THE ISSUE OF WATER QUALITY makes headlines every time a rural municipality's sewage system fails due to poor management or maintenance, and pollutes a stream, river or the groundwater with bacterially contaminated water.

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