Useful Products

Useful Products

Store power for when there’s none

Here is another convenient option to address the problem of load-shedding.

Choose tyres correctly

These tyres may look exactly the same, but they’re very different!

Changing a wheel safely

Common sense and the right tools are crucial to changing a wheel. Add these chocks to your kit.

The Pet Flush

In the heat of summer, dog droppings become even more unpleasant than usual.

A padlock for high security use

This solid, purpose-designed padlock is made for high-risk security situations.

Affordable, practical dual- temperature monitoring

This digital thermometer is ideal for use around the home, as well as outside, or in the workplace.

The benefits of effective micro-organisms (EM)

These micro-organisms have numerous uses, from compost-making to fly control.

The Ironman Combo Shovel

A dual-purpose digging tool for when you travel off the beaten track.

Barrel cleaning made easy

Absorbent-felt pellets that clean rifle and handgun barrel bores effortlessly.

A sleeping bag for comfort in extreme conditions

This sleeping bag has been tested in the coldest, most unforgiving environments.

Breathalyser testing

A breathalyser test that’s efficient, accurate and ideal for the working environment.

Storing and transporting fuel

Polyethylene or steel? Choose wisely, then use accordingly.


‘Farmers will feel delayed impact of fuel price increases’

For many farmers, the impact of the current fuel price increases will be delayed, given that many producers who are in the process of harvesting and planting would have already...
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