Portable lights from CADCOM

Cadcom’s lighting system technology has come a long way since the system described in the Farmer’s Weekly issue of 4 August 2006.
The company has developed the new Sola-Lite range of three DIY, modular, low-cost sun-charged lighting systems using light-emitting diodes (LEDs).

The entry-level, two-light, 3W Sola-Lite System consists of one 3W solar panel with mounting brackets, a controller unit with a 12V battery, a mounting bracket, two LED lights with three-function pull switches, a cellphone-charging socket with dust cap and an in-car charger, which can be plugged into the socket. Full installation instructions and all wiring, screws and other bits and pieces are included.

The 5W, four-light Sola-Lite System has a 5W solar panel with mounting brackets, a controller unit with a 12V battery and mounting bracket, a cellphone-charging socket, wiring, screws and other bits and pieces, and installation instructions. The 10W, eight-light Sola-Lite System has a 10W solar panel with mounting brackets. It comes with two batteries and uses the same controller as the 3W and 5W systems, but with an additional box for the second battery. Special connector plugs allow the units to be connected together at the correct polarity.

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Each light contains 12 LEDs and a three-function silent pull switch. The first pull switches on all 12 LEDs, the second six LEDs in a staggered array and the third switches the device off altogether. Prices vary from R718 to R1 457, excluding VAT and delivery.