Sharp in seconds

Transform a cutting edge to surgical sharpness easily and simply.

Developed and thus manufactured by Hein Pretorius, the Warthog Classic is well known to everyone who appreciates a razor-sharp blade that is quick and easy to obtain and maintain. The recently-released Warthog V-sharp Classic II is an upgrade of the Classic I.

As with the previous model, it works on the principle of drawing a vertically held blade through a V-shaped notch between two abrasive surfaces, thereby sharpening it from both sides. The two surfaces move away from one another and the notch moves downwards but its angle remains constant.

This new model incorporates a thumb grip, angle adjustment, tension adjustment and an adjustable blade guide-grip. A base of solid non-slip rubber ensures that it does not slide around on the work surface. The V-sharp Classic II uses two high quality 325 grit diamond rods under calibrated spring tension that ensures the correct angle. Three quick-snap change angles (20°, 25° and 30°) adapt the Warthog to the steel and type of edge needed. The clip-in diamond grit sharpening rods are quickly interchangeable.

Simply start with the hilt of the blade at the top of the machine, then pull down and through. Most knives are sharpened to the correct angle within 10 to 20 strokes. For harder steel knives or really blunt knives, it may take slightly longer. The Warthog V-Sharp Classic II is widely available countrywide at selected gun, outdoor and hardware stores. The recommended retail price is R474.

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