Tailgate troubles – easy does it!

Simple to install, the EZDown should be compulsory on all bakkies.

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Kyalami-based company, Industrial Specialised Applications, has devised a simple and ingenious innovation that allows a bakkie’s tailgate to be opened, lowered and closed softly and easily. The EZDown tailgate damper does away with the need to force the tailgate open or bang it closed, and it prevents the tailgate from suddenly dropping dangerously.

The EZDown, essentially a hydraulic damper and associated hardware, is fitted on one side of the tailgate in the recess between the bakkie’s body and the wall of the tailgate opening, using existing mounting points.

It is make- and model-specific, and comes with all the adaptors and fittings needed, as well as comprehensive instructions. Attaching
it requires only hand tools, rudimentary mechanical and tool-use savvy, and the ability to understand the simple instructions.

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For those without the necessary tools or mechanical ability, authorised stockists and fitment centres are situated throughout the country.
EZDown has been patented, copyright and trademarked worldwide. It brings convenience and safety to anyone operating a bakkie – farmers, tradespeople and owners of small businesses.

The price varies according to make and model, but is in the vicinity of R1 000 excluding VAT.

Phone Janelle Orfao on 079 745 5326 or email [email protected].
Phone 011 466 0346/29 or 086 502 7472. Visit
For fitting instructions, visit