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The Ironman Combo Shovel

A dual-purpose digging tool for when you travel off the beaten track.

Whether you’re driving on the farm or in untamed Africa, certain items of equipment are crucial in case of an emergency. One of these is a means to dig a vehicle out of trouble. This invariably means some kind of spade or shovel. But the length of this tool is
almost as important as the size and shape of the blade. Too long, and it gets in the way or becomes unwieldy. Too short, and it cannot reach properly. This means carrying more than one, with the additional weight and space implications.

Built strong too last
The Ironman Combo Shovel – an easy to use three-piece tool – solves all these problems. Designed and manufactured in Australia, this high-quality item is built for a lifetime of hard work. It consists of a heat-treated steel blade, a multi-core steel reinforced PVC handle, a heavy duty ‘D’ handle and 304 stainless steel joining sleeves.

It is indispensable in a 4×4, easily carried inside or in a bracket outside the vehicle, for tasks requiring a long handled shovel as well as a short spade. Simply unscrew the long handle at the threaded joint and store it conveniently away. By attaching the ‘D’ handle, it now becomes a useful spade.

Included with the combo shovel is a storage bag to protect the interior of the vehicle from dirt and abrasion from its hard edges, if necessary. The price is R1 795 including VAT from 4×4 outfitters countrywide that stock Ironman products. This is admittedly expensive, but quality and fitness-for-purpose seldom come cheap.

The Australian-made Ironman Combo Shovel is two tools in one. A high- quality item, it is designed and made for a lifetime of hard work.

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