Agribusiness Africa Conference – Keynote Speaker

2018 Keynote speakers

Pieter Geldenhuys

Innovation expert and futurist

Known for his provocative and novel predictions of the future, Pieter Geldenhuys does far more than predict the future. Working behind the scenes, he assists numerous companies to leverage their innovation potential, and provides them with the skills and insight to be pro-active agents in creating their futures. He was recently included on a global panel of five leading futurists in determining the key trends that will shape the future, as part of Vodaphone’s new rebranding strategy.

He is the founder and director of the Institute for Technology Strategy and Innovation, which is aligned with North-West University in South Africa. Over the past decade, he and his team have guided more than 3 000 students and 100 innovation projects within the largest technology companies in India, the Middle East and Africa.

He has a degree in electronic engineering, and an MBA in technology strategy. He has been a technology strategy lecturer for more than two decades, and regularly teaches on corporate training programmes at Duke University, Henley Business School, Wits University, Gibs and Cornell University.

More speakers to be announced soon.