Moving fish

Special care needs to be taken when moving fish in order to minimise their stress levels and thus prevent unnecessary deaths.

The Great Nile Tilapia Debate

There are several species of tilapia to farm with. One appears to have the edge over the rest. But even this species is no miracle fish. Careful farming is still...

Ornamental fish farming

Produced on a small scale, this includes cold-water pond fish, such as koi carp, as well as tropical fish.

Making fish farming work

Most freshwater fish farms in tropical Africa operate with minimum investment and infrastructure. Despite this, many are doing well. What, then, defines ‘success’ in aquaculture?

All about aquaponics

Aquaponics is a mutually beneficial system. It is a great way of farming fish and growing plants organically – hence its increasing popularity in SA.

Tilapia industry requires funding

South Africa’s fledgling tilapia industry has now reached a stage where it needs to be able to speak to funding agencies and the government with one voice.

About pond aquaculture

Good husbandry, economically viable feeding and correct system design are the key to pond farming.
Trials for the tilapia industry

Trials for the tilapia industry

The tilapia industry is still in its infancy in South Africa, but is a lucrative investment with potential as a quality source of protein. Until markets are properly developed, the...

Freshwater options in SA

Aquaculture is far more diverse than many realise. The practice can vary in size, technique and breeds.

Good husbandry is the solution

Tilapia are hardy, but survival is one thing and fast growth another – and in culture units poor performance is invariably due to poor husbandry.

More on filtration

All too often, even well-built, hi-tech grow-out systems are let down by inadequate filtration.

The importance of sex reversal

Techniques to produce all-male fingerlings are now an established part of tilapia culture and the use of mixed-sex groups is a backward step doomed to failure in any undertaking.


Cost pressures weigh on food prices in first quarter of 2019

Cost pressures weigh on food prices in first quarter of 2019

The exchange rate of the rand against major currencies along with higher commodity prices had played a significant role in the 0,3% month-on-month (m/m) increase in the consumer price index.

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