Freshwater options in SA

Aquaculture is far more diverse than many realise. The practice can vary in size, technique and breeds.

Good husbandry is the solution

Tilapia are hardy, but survival is one thing and fast growth another – and in culture units poor performance is invariably due to poor husbandry.

More on filtration

All too often, even well-built, hi-tech grow-out systems are let down by inadequate filtration.

The importance of sex reversal

Techniques to produce all-male fingerlings are now an established part of tilapia culture and the use of mixed-sex groups is a backward step doomed to failure in any undertaking.

Tilapia farming for smallholders

With tilapia culture new to South Africa, many entrepreneurs want to start small with a pilot project before investing substantial capital. This makes sense and is entirely possible.

Leave breeding to the experts

There are important issues to consider before taking on the breeding of tilapia.

Outdoor or indoor systems?

To answer this question, we first need to see what successful producers are doing elsewhere.

Tunnel design is important

Designs of aquaculture systems within fish-farming tunnels vary widely, and many have failed. What options are available and what are the non-negotiables when it comes to tunnel design?

Tilapia farming can be done in SA

Ignore all that talk of ‘poor species’ and ‘low temperatures’ – tilapia farming in SA can succeed, as long as a few fundamentals are followed.

Not all fish are born equal

Prospective fish farmers take the risk of using poor quality breeding stock when they buy fingerlings of unknown ancestry. Such fish will not grow rapidly to market size, despite good...

Tilapia: why quality seed counts

Tilapia farming is now well established in Asia, but will only succeed in SA if good quality stock is used in an economically viable culture environment.

Abalone farming in Hermanus

Adri Claassen, abalone farmer extraordinaire, talks to Denene Erasmus about farming these sought after sea delicacies.


National Rooibos Day: celebrating one of SA’s favourite exports

National Rooibos Day: celebrating one of SA’s favourite exports

Numerous health benefits have been ascribed to rooibos tea, making it not only a firm favourite among South African tea drinkers, but also across the world.

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