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New bird species boosts ecotourism potential of stock farm

The Garingboom Guest Farm near Springfontein in the southern Free State has had 15 000 guests pass through it in the past 14 years, many of whom came to catch...

Game farming: Are conservation principles at risk?

The fierce debate around alien and invasive species regulations highlights the conflict between long-term sustainability, sought by conservation authorities, and short-term financial gain, important to game ranchers. Roelof Bezuidenhout reports.

Optimal veld management in the Little Karoo

When stocking game in the Little Karoo, farmers must be aware of the fragility of this veld. Careful monitoring of veld, starting with the right species, as well as the...

Game: a still-growing industry

A scientific analysis of price trends at last year's game auctions indicates that despite the economic downturn, demand for certain species was high and more animals were being sold directly...

Wildlife’s healthy tick burdens

Parasites play an important part in natural ecosystems, and wildlife can bear their tick burdens and still stay healthy - if humans stop interfering. So says Professor Ivan Horak (left)...

HUNTING is not the culprit

Ron Thomson has written a refreshing and hard-hitting book to remind hunters, game ranchers and ordinary nature lovers where they fit into the bigger conservation picture. Roelof Bezuidenhout reviews a...

Reluctant killers: what hunters are really after

The mention of hunting brings to mind pictures of men with guns posing proudly amid a sea of animal carcasses. But the truth is somewhat different. Roelof Bezuidenhout reports on...

Have SA’s reservoir scientists been sold down the river?

Looking after South Africa's dams could be more important than finding new sources, but the country's pool of reservoir science has degenerated within a decade from being world-renowned to being...

Regulations for transporting game

This draft document could have far-reaching consequences for the wildlife industry.

In search of the true hunter

Two South African hunting organisations react to an article (Farmer's Weekly, 8 December 2006) which pleaded for a comprehensive rule book aimed at reining in the 'Rambos' who upset farmers...

How to convert a pen-raised human

In the fourth article of our habitat planning series, habitat designer Ben Breedlove explains to Roelof Bezuidenhout how to cater for stressed-out but affluent visitors from the city. Issue date:...

Where animals and humans meet

In the third part of our habitat planning series, biologist and habitat designer Ben Breedlove exlains how to create optimal animal-human meeting points. Issue Date: 16 February 2007


Additional vehicles to combat crime in the Free State welcomed

Additional vehicles to combat crime in the Free State welcomed

Free State Agriculture (FSA) has welcomed the deployment of 48 additional vehicles made available by the South African Police Service (SAPS) to ensure rural safety in the province.

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