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Blesbok lawns make good veld (for blesbok)

Contrary to common wisdom, blesbok grazing patches are productive and contribute significantly to their diet. Roelof Bezuidenhout reports.

Can caracals save sheep?

Richard and Marion Holmes were losing about 50 sheep a year to jackal until Austrian researcher Dr Mircea Pfleiderer, while studying small cats, suggested they introduce more caracal.

South Africa’s Mrs Crocodile Dundee

Rodene Lambrecht says crocodile farming is not for the faint-hearted; it's a high-risk, tough and export-driven industry, but good management, patience and endurance is helping her get ahead. Wilma den...

Aardvark -nature’s engineer or farmer’s nuisance?

Roelof Bezuidenhout speaks to Gareth Whittington-Jones of the Wildlife and Reserve Management Research Group at Rhodes University about his research on the aardvark in three nature reserves in the Eastern...

Indijon firefighting trailer – quick to deal with veld fires

Self-contained, rapid response, firefighting unit - these terms are used to describe the new Indijon fire-fighting trailer. SABS-approved, this unit is giving larger firefighting tenders a run for their money....


Top Belgian racing pigeon sold for R20 million

Top Belgian racing pigeon sold for R20 million

A top racing pigeon named Armando has been sold for 1,25 million euros (about R20,5 million) in an online auction, the highest-price ever achieved for a single pigeon in such...

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