Rapidly growing foals are susceptible to epiphysitis.
Pelham bit

Poisonous plants

Horses generally avoid toxic plants, but owners need to know how to identify them in order to avoid serious mishaps, writes Kim Dyson.

Imprint training for a foal

Building a relationship of trust and respect from day one will be a life-changing experience for you and your foal, writes Kim Dyson.

Sand arenas

The growing popularity of sand arenas at SA shows means adapting your training ground, says Dr Mac.

Alzo sprach M’lords – mines’ big face slap

A provincial ordinance – yes, there are some of those left – dating back to 1985 is the chagrin of mining companies with exploration plans in the Western Cape.

Catching your horse

A horse that refuses to be caught so you can ride it is no fun. But there are ways of breaking this bad habit, writes Kim Dyson.

To add local capacity

A worrying trend is taking hold in South Africa – the importation of processed agricultural products.

The curse of the crooked legs

Dr Mac discusses how to make sure your horse’s legs are ‘straight’ and how to identify and deal with ‘crooked legs’.

Feeding your horse

Now that your horse is home, the wonderful journey of discovery can begin.

Political verbosity as Mangaung nears

The weekend’s newspapers were littered with political stories dealing with the ruling party’s leadership battle.

Coping with colic

The threat of colic has to be taken seriously as surgery can be extremely expensive, cautions Dr Mac.

Speed up conservation

SA National Parks (SANParks), which is responsible for managing SA’s conservation treasures, came under criticism from organised agriculture recently.

Buying your first horse

Owning a horse can be a wonderful experience, but you need to do your homework before taking the plunge, writes Kim Dyson.


How award-winning broiler producer stayed the course

Bhefika Matshenja of Inhlakanipho Projects and Farms, winner of the Star of Buhle Award for 2019, says that by implementing sound management principles, such as reinvesting profits, he has been...

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