Teaching your horse to tie up

Before you start these lessons, it's essential for your horse to trust you completely. He must know how to relax and give in to positive pressure. Once your horse is...

Bath time!

Bathing your horse is important. It can help desensitise a sceptical horse, making handling a lot easier. Kim Dyson shares a step-by-step routine to make bathing a positive experience.

It’s fly season again!

Since more than 10 000 flies can emerge from 1kg of horse manure to terrorise your stable, some form of management is desperately needed. Dr Mac tells us how to...

Feeding rules – Part 2

Last issue Kim Dyson covered the basics of feeding your horse. This week, she looks at how much to feed your equine sidekick.

Feeding rules – Part 1

After buying a horse, it's very important to know what to feed your new equine friend. Kim Dyson gives some useful feeding tips.

The Appaloosa not just a pretty horse

"We think the Appaloosa is the best multi-purpose horse around," says Rick Johnson of Sans Souci Farm in KwaZulu-Natal's Kamberg Valley.

Dealing with bots

Related to the nasal worms found in sheep, the larvae of the bot fly can cause digestive problems in horses, writes Dr Mac.

Looking after your donkey

With the high price of diesel, many farmers are reconsidering using donkeys for small loads, or to transport workers on the farm. As the health of the working donkey is...

Eye infections & blindness

Conditions involving your horse's eyes are potentially serious and should be treated by a vet, warns Kim Dyson. Issue date : 10 September 2010

All about spurs

Some people think those "cowboy" spurs look cool, others believe they're barbaric. Are they just for show, or can they serve a purpose, especially when it comes to Western riding?...

How to be a horse whisperer

There's no mysticism involved. To build a beautiful friendship with your horse, you just need to know how to speak its language, writes Kim Dyson.

Bombproofing your horse

Here’s how you can teach your horse to get used to strange objects and loud noises, provided you treat your horse sympathetically.


Taking rooftop farming to the next level in Paris

Taking rooftop farming to the next level in Paris

Paris’ flagship farming project is nearing completion, with the city preparing to become home to one of the world’s largest urban agricultural operations.

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