Dealing with bots

Related to the nasal worms found in sheep, the larvae of the bot fly can cause digestive problems in horses, writes Dr Mac.

Looking after your donkey

With the high price of diesel, many farmers are reconsidering using donkeys for small loads, or to transport workers on the farm. As the health of the working donkey is...

Eye infections & blindness

Conditions involving your horse's eyes are potentially serious and should be treated by a vet, warns Kim Dyson. Issue date : 10 September 2010

All about spurs

Some people think those "cowboy" spurs look cool, others believe they're barbaric. Are they just for show, or can they serve a purpose, especially when it comes to Western riding?...

How to be a horse whisperer

There's no mysticism involved. To build a beautiful friendship with your horse, you just need to know how to speak its language, writes Kim Dyson.

Bombproofing your horse

Here’s how you can teach your horse to get used to strange objects and loud noises, provided you treat your horse sympathetically.

Lovely lavender

Lavender has healing properties and is an effective fly-repellent, writes Kim Dyson.

Wolf teeth can affect performance

Is your horse avoiding the bit or ducking to one side? It might be having teeth problems, writes Dr Mac.

Learn more about your horse’s personality

Horse lovers can chat for hours about their horses and their wonderful personalities – but what are their animals’ actual strengths and weaknesses? How do they get along with other...

Treating chronic joint disease

Osteoarthritis, or degenerative joint disease, can affect any joint, but it’s most common in the knee, hock, fetlock and coffin joints.

Keeping bridles & saddles clean

A regular cleaning regime is the best way to keep your tack clear of mildew. Dr Mac discusses an effective step-by-step routine.

Trust, training & tricks with horses

If you’ve ever owned a horse that can open a locked stable door you’ll know how quickly they pick up a new trick! Horses love to learn tricks and there’s...


First marijuana farming contracts awarded in Germany

First marijuana farming contracts awarded in Germany

Contracts for the cultivation of marijuana in Germany has been awarded to two Canadian companies.

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