The Gysie Britz story
Paul Pedro of Pedro & Van Heerden

The Ultimate Pigeon Race

A whopping combined cash prize pay-out of R3 375 000 will be up for grabs in Dinokeng Lofts’ Ultimate Pigeon Race. Thomas Smit provides all the details.

Boost immunity, treat canker

With many pigeon disease-causing organisms becoming increasingly resistant to standard treatments, Dr Ockert Botha recommends maintaining a high immunity with natural products. It's better to prevent than treat diseases like...

Does your pigeon have candidiasis?

Renowned South African veterinarian Dr Ockert Botha discusses the yeast infection candidiasis, in a follow up on his advice in last week's issue on pigeon parasites and malaria.

Pigeon parasites & malaria

Renowned South African veterinarian Dr Ockert Botha gives advice on prevention and treatment of pigeon diseases.

Show judging criteria for pigeons

What do you look for? And should you apply the textbook requirements of the show to select pigeons for race lofts? These are questions I'm asked frequently by beginners, and...

Protocol at pigeon auctions

Thomas Smit explains how auctions differ, and offers some words of caution.

Bryan Marshall’s Super Racing Pigeons

It’s been a long journey since Bryan Marshall’s first pigeon races in 1967, writes Thomas Smit.

Pigeon points champions

Pigeons are judged on the quality and consistency of their races, writes Thomas Smit.
Managing late-bred racing pigeons

Managing late-bred racing pigeons

It is important to take into account the weather conditions in your area when breeding, writes Thomas Smit

Time for us to take stock after pigeon racing season

At the end of the pigeon racing season, we need to analyse and build for the future, writes Thomas Smit.

Preparing for pigeon shows

The appearance of healthy prize-winning pigeons is linked to hygiene, writes Thomas Smit.

Pigeons: advice on preventing disease

Maintaining strict hygiene is of primary importance in keeping racers free of infection, writes Thomas Smit.


New on-site medical care for Grabouw fruit company workers

New on-site medical care for Grabouw fruit company workers

Two-a-Day, a fruit growing, packing and marketing company in Grabouw, recently launched a wellness programme and day clinic for its employees, which will enable them to receive medical treatment and...

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