The Gysie Britz story
Paul Pedro of Pedro & Van Heerden

Born to the pigeon loft

Danie Barnard's dad kept pigeons all his life as a non-competing fancier, so Danie Jnr was raised in the pigeon loft.

All in the eyes of the pigeon racer

The qualities of a good racing pigeon aren't always visible at first glance, writes Thomas Smit.

Pigeon racing: examine the eyes

A number of ambitious beginners in the pigeon sport have asked what to look for in the eye of a racing pigeon. The information here is based on my own...

Manipulating form in pigeon racing

The recipe for success in pigeon racing is entirely in human hands, writes Thomas Smit.

Observing and training winning pigeons

Importing good pigeons isn't as important as how we train the ones we have, writes Thomas Smit.

Tips for winning distance races

To be successful in racing pigeons, you need discipline and hard work. You need to examine the racing programme to understand what's expected from the pigeons and how to train...

Are your pigeons tough enough?

The distance flown is not the deciding factor when identifying a disastrous pigeon race event, but rather the speed and the losses.

Should racing pigeons take their medicine?

Over the years we've received contrary advice about routine treatment in the off-season. Some are entirely against it, while others strongly advises it, but with caution. Who should we follow?

Disastrous flights for racers

Freak weather, fatigue and inexperience can result in losses, more so if the birds are younger than six months old.

Match-making methods with pigeons

We take a look at the importance of racing performance, natural selection and human intervention in pigeon breeding.

Racing pigeons & heat training

Heat training will only help to a point. Pigeons should have the right genotype to handle heat.

Pigeon theft!

Since an overwhelming number of rich racing pigeon fanciers have entered the sport over the last few years, cash prize money in SA has rocketed into the millions.


US farmers brace themselves for further crop damage

Farmers in the US have expressed concern about the hot, dry conditions currently being experienced, which comes shortly after the heavy rain and flooding that caused severe damage and delays...

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