More about pigeon health

In the final part of THis series on pigeon health, I'd like to remind readers that it's an area that's not conclusive and there are always advancements. Diagnostics is a...
Keeping your pigeons healthy

Keeping your pigeons healthy

Sick Racing Pigeons can't produce healthy offspring and sick pigeons in a loft put other lofts at risk of contamination. Keeping our pigeons healthy is everybody's business.

Racing pigeons selection guideline controversies – a study for beginners

This article is going to save you time and money. Beginners and struggling fanciers often don't get proper support with their pigeons. Even worse than getting little to no help,...
The speed of racing pigeons

The speed of racing pigeons

In part one of this series we concluded that the winning pigeon of a race event can’t become the winner if it doesn’t have more speed.

The hat that inspired champion racing pigeons

Helping a friend retrieve a hat blown off by the wind 35 years ago led the late Bob Kinney to become a world-renowned racing-pigeon breeder and racer.

SA champ Tom Lock hands over his legacy

Tom Lock, veteran South African champion, did for the pigeon racing fraternity what Mohammed Ali accomplished for boxing and Gary Player did for golf.

The millions of the Sun City Million-dollar pigeon race

The twelfth Sun City Million-dollar Pigeon Race will take place on 2 February 2008.

Pigeon racing back in the day

When I first took an interest in pigeon racing in 1968, the number of wealthy pigeon fanciers on South African soil could be counted on the fingers of one hand.

Mystery of missing birds

Never before in the history of South African pigeon racing have as many birds been lost in training as now. Since May this year, large numbers of racing pigeons have...

The Bradburys’ racing methods

Last week I wrote about the champion stock of Bradbury Lofts, and this week's article focuses on their racing methods.

The Red King family of Bradbury Lofts

Buks Bradbury was practically born in the pigeon lofts of his father Peter, but only took up the sport later in life.

Joe Strydom’s auction: a superstar retires

The husband and wife team of Joe and Belinda Strydom auctioned off most of their precious racing pigeons in Edenvale on 27 May.



The care unit that treats neglected horses and donkeys

The Highveld Horse Care Unit cares for neglected equines. Farryn Day of the unit says that a lack of education is the main reason for the mistreatment of these animals.

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