The Bradburys’ racing methods

Last week I wrote about the champion stock of Bradbury Lofts, and this week's article focuses on their racing methods.

The Red King family of Bradbury Lofts

Buks Bradbury was practically born in the pigeon lofts of his father Peter, but only took up the sport later in life.

Joe Strydom’s auction: a superstar retires

The husband and wife team of Joe and Belinda Strydom auctioned off most of their precious racing pigeons in Edenvale on 27 May.

Gold for Cyril Leibach

Cyril Leibach is a distinguished SA pigeon fancier who takes pleasure in racing pigeons from an orderly loft complex in the garden of his Boksburg residence.

Get set for the 2007 racing season

The end of may and first week of June marked the ­beginning of the 2007 racing pigeon season. Issue date 15 June 2007

From nest to flight

Besides competitions and various tasks that absorb many hours of the pigeon ­fancier's week, there are incidents that lure us into a state of pigeon ­hypnotism. One of these is the breeding cycle.

The fascinating world of racing pigeons

What makes teenagers, adult men and women so interested in the world of racing pigeons?

About successful genes

To maintain the high quality of a superior gene pool, most pigeon breeders follow a breeding plan using line breeding or inbreeding from the foundation pigeons.

Wings over the Overberg

Farmer's Weekly recently spoke with Gert Roodt, chairperson of the Overberg Racing Pigeon Union, who was very proud of his region's achievements.

Tommy van Zyl, small-team specialist

Tommy van Zyl is a self-employed building contractor who first engaged his passion for racing pigeons from a neat garden loft in the backyard of his Uitenhage home in the autumn of 1983.
Issue Date: 30 March 2007

Good manners cost nothing

In all sports there are leaders and followers. There is nothing demeaning about being a follower, as long your attitude is right - and you commit to make the affairs of the pigeon club run efficiently.
Issue date:23 March 2007

How to buy from an auction

Unless you are a beneficiary in a top pigeon fancier's will, the only way you will lay your hands on a prime stock pigeon is to buy it at the dispersal auction.
Issue Date 16 March 2007


Agriculture sheds 66 000 jobs in the second quarter

The positive growth trend in agricultural GDP so far this year, has failed to translate into an increase in employment in the sector.

Growing Chinese cabbage

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