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For the love of Mohair

In an industry with a history of sustainability and ethics, one thing stands out more than anything else: love.
Damara sheep

Damara sheep: No environment too tough

Since importing his first Damaras from Namibia in the late 1980s, stud breeder Frank Blumenthal has firmly believed in the integrity of the breed. The Free State farmer says that the modern indigenous Damara has over the years evolved into a well-muscled animal with outstanding disease resistance and fertility under the hottest, driest conditions.
Savanna goats

World champion Savanna goat breeder’s winning formula

World champion Savanna goat breeder Koenie Kotzé believes in strict selection, the best possible genetics, and top conformation and type. Annelie Coleman visited him on his farm Niekerkshoop in the Northern Cape to learn more about his exceptional stud.
Indigenous veld goats

Indigenous veld goats: A family’s profitable passion

Indigenous Veld Goat breeder Erik de Witt is following his dream of preserving indigenous livestock breeds. Sabrina Dean visited him and learnt that with innovative marketing, it is also possible to make handsome returns on these unique animals.
Precision breeding with extensively farmed Merinos

Precision breeding with extensively farmed Merinos

Stefan Erasmus, the 2017 Toyota/AgriSA Eastern Cape Young Farmer, has boosted his Merino weaning rate more than 30% by lambing in a closed system. Mike Burgess visited him near Middelburg in the Eastern Cape to see how his 1 200m2 lambing shed has increased income from his flock of ewes.
Grootfontein sets the Angora benchmark

Eastern Cape’s world-class student Angora stud

The Grootfontein Agricultural Development Institute (GADI) Student Angora Stud is accustomed to accolades; it produced, for example, the South African Champion Ram at the 2009 International Mohair Summit in Graaff-Reinet. But it was the National Angora Show in November 2016 at Willowmore that really underscored the esteem with which the stud is held in the mohair industry.
Henning Vorster

Breeding record-breaking Mutton Merinos

Henning Vorster sold a SA Mutton Merino ram for a South African record price of R110 000 at the National Sale in Bloemfontein in 2017. To find out why farmers are willing to pay record-high prices for his dual-purpose sheep, Mike Burgess visited his stud on the farm Bloubosfontein.
Goat breeding: the challenges faced by smallholders

Goat breeding: the challenges faced by smallholders

The market for slaughter and breeding goats in South Africa appears to be almost insatiable. With more than 60% of the local goat population in the hands of smallholder farmers, this sector should be benefiting from the strong demand. Denene Erasmus reviews some of the recent research into the factors preventing the smallholder sector from taking full advantage of this opportunity.
New Zealand’s new fatter, healthier, tastier Te Mana sheep

New Zealand’s new fatter, healthier, tastier Te Mana sheep

A decade of intense research and development in New Zealand, involving geneticists, food technologists and more than 50 farmers, has led to a new breed of lamb that is claimed to offer improved health benefits, while retaining excellent flavour.
Bergplaas Merino Stud

Bergplaas Merino Stud: lessons that keep it in the lead

In 2013, Farmer’s Weekly reported on the Bergplaas Merino Stud in the Eastern Cape. Gavin Isted recently paid the farm another visit in recognition of its 80th anniversary, and to see what progress the award-winning stud has made over the past few years.
Veld rearing & good dam selection: key to top Dorpers

Veld rearing & good dam selection: key to top Dorpers

Adél van der Merwe’s Plusline Dorper Stud was a 2016 Stud Book Elite Awards finalist. Mike Burgess visited her on Pinegrove, in the Eastern Cape, to find out how she achieved this.
Merino farming family shares recipe for success

Merino farming family shares recipe for success

The Southey family of Middelburg in the Eastern Cape has a long legacy of Merino sheep farming. Generations of dedication paid off last year when Julian Southey was named the 2016 Voermol Sheep Farmer of the Year.


Technology and animal welfare improve piggery profits

Pig stud breeder and farmer CP Kriek is convinced that contented pigs are more productive. For this reason, he has brought his operation, Taaibosch Piggery, in line with European standards...
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