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Dormer sheep: for the greatest return on your investment

Danie Thomas, a young Dormer stud farmer in Kroonstad, achieved the highest prices ever in South Africa for in-lamb and open ewes at the Kairos production sale this year. His...

How Dohne Merino & medics can boost wheat income

Market volatility and climatic risks have resulted in an increasing number of grain producers in the Swartland incorporating livestock into their farming systems. Glenneis Kriel talks to Stephen and Peter...
Sound management key to laparoscopy success

Sound management key to laparoscopy success

Elnora Crous explains to Glenneis Kriel how laparoscopic insemination has helped to accelerate genetic progress in the Dohne Merino stud on their family farm, Jongensklip, near Caledon.

Better milk, better cheese from veld-reared goats

Award-winning goat’s cheese and milk producer, Christo Venter, believes A-grade goat’s milk is needed to produce cheese of distinction. He told Gerhard Uys how veld-reared milk goats can supply the...

Merino stud excels in bitter Eastern Cape cold

Tink Strydom’s Hartebeesfontein Stud produces Merinos that excel on grassveld and have good medium to strong wool. He spoke to Gavin Isted.
Using tannins to control parasites in smallstock

Using tannins to control parasites in smallstock

Dr Erika van Zyl discusses alternative manners in which to deal with parasites in smallstock.

A simpler intensive sheep farming programme

Farmers are often deterred by the challenges of an intensive sheep farming enterprise. Wayne Southwood visited Dr Karin and Manie Wessels who run the Mamre Dorper Stud near Vrede, to...
The legacy of the Jordaan Boer goats

The legacy of the Jordaan Boer goats

For four generations, the Jordaan family has been dedicated to advancing the Boer goat breed.

Sheep on pasture in Clanwilliam

Rooibos tea is currently selling at record levels of about R46/kg, but prices were below R5/kg only six years ago. To reduce his exposure to the volatility of the market,...
Boer goat stud reaps the rewards of data recording

Boer goat stud reaps the rewards of data recording

Boer goat stud breeder Johan Boshoff uses production data as a valuable tool to breed a new generation of goats to take his herd, the breed, and the industry forward....

Allow nature to select your best performing animals – Clayton Collette

SA Stud Book’s top smallstock breeder for 2015, Clynton Collett from Venterstad, plans to increase the performance of his Meatmaster stud through better selection based on reproductive performance.

Wauldby Dohne Merinos: on the veld for 68 years!

The legendary Wauldby Dohne Merino Stud from the Amabele area near Stutterheim in the Eastern Cape was founded by Deemie Blaine in 1947. Mike Burgess visited Blaine’s grandson, Robbie, a...


How urban agriculture can contribute to food security

Urban agriculture has a major role to play in providing healthy, affordable and accessible food to poor urban households in South Africa, according to Prof Juaneé Cilliers, chair of the...

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