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Diversifying production with goat’s milk cheese

Diversifying production with goat’s milk cheese

Brothers Jan and Dries Wiese recently added goat's milk cheese to their sheep farming operation.

Top female farmer’s Dorper success in the Karoo

Allie Gordon from Leeu-Gamka in the Karoo, named the Top Entrepreneur Smallholder in the Western Cape Female Entrepreneur 2011 awards, started farming with 50 Dorpers in 2005. By 2010, her...

For the love of the landsheep

Trientjie and Gerhard Knoetze's Katryn Merino Landsheep Stud has been named the 2011 SA Studbook Sheep Stud of the Year after only being founded in 2005.

Merino farming in their blood

Merino SA president Julian Southey talks to Heather Dugmore about the need to be adaptable and to change farming practices to meet the current economic challenges and benefit from the...

Mastering the art of extensive Angora farming

Against all odds, Barries Snijman has tamed the tough Karoo to develop a flock of veld-adapted Angoras that produce quality mohair. Roelof Bezuidenhout reports.
Persian sheep: Putting fat back onto Dorpers

Persian sheep: Putting fat back onto Dorpers

Breeders are quietly optimistic that they can develop a modern animal for the profitable sheep-fat market, while Persians are increasingly being used to breed fat and fertility back into Dorpers,...

Letelle – The perfect-balance sheep

Locally bred Letelle sheep are known to be economically balanced, hardy animals that are well adapted to South Africa's sometimes harsh environment.

Sprouts for sheep

A livestock farmer, plagued by stock theft, turned to feeding sprouting grain in a feedlot to protect his sheep. And his trial has yielded some impressive results. Robyn Joubert reports.

Boosting Merino potential with lucerne

Ben Lategan is the national runner-up of the National Wool Growers Association/FNB best economically classed clip in South Africa for 2009/10. His Merino enterprise on 6 000ha in the Burgersdorp...

Dohnes add real value to irrigation farm

Free State father-and-son farming team, Leon Trollip and Leon Trollip Jr, found that their Dohnes prosper on lucerne, helping to stabilise the income of their irrigated farming enterprise. Breed manager...

Indigenous Mbuzis: veld-efficient survivors

In 2009 Lionel Whittal became the first registered Mbuzi goat breeder in South Africa. Mike Burgess recently visited him on his 400ha farm Sandilli, in the Bolo area of the...

Goat’s milk – tapping into global health demands

Powdered goat's milk is one of the world's biggest agricultural value-adding businesses because it is more digestible than cow's milk. Now former Zimbabwean farmer Jean Vos and his brother-in-law François...


Dezzi three-wheeler cane-loader

Local manufacturers seen at Royal Show

Every year, the Royal Show features exhibitors and agricultural equipment quite different from those at Nampo. The Royal Show is also a showcase for smaller and local manufacturers.

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