Sheep & Goats

E Cape farmers desperate to stop sheep massacres

Farmers in the Eastern Cape towns of Indwe and Dordrecht have sustained huge losses of their Merino sheep as they are attacked, killed and mauled by stray dogs. Tim and...

Dohne’s versatility impresses Australians

It was in 2006, the driest year Australian sheep farmers have ever experienced, that the SA Dohne Merino came into its own, delivering excellent lamb crops and wool clips. Former...

Indigenous Veld Goats: made for Africa

Eastern Cape farmer Lionel Whittal, who runs a herd of 100 Indigenous Veld Goat ewes on his farm in Bolo in the Eastern Cape says the breed is gaining popularity...

The Indigenous Veld Goat debuts as SA’s new breed

By mid-February, SA will have five indigenous goat breeds. The Indigenous Veld Goat will soon be officially registered as a breed and a breeders' society established. Issue Date:9 February 2007


Biosecurity: your first line of defence against disease

Biosecurity: your first line of defence against disease

Dr Fambies van Biljon, veterinarian at Sovereign Foods, talks to Glenneis Kriel about the crucial need to establish a well-run biosecurity programme at a poultry production facility.

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