A ‘semi-modern’ home in the Karoo

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Greetings William,

Thank you for the detailed layout of your new home to be built in the Karoo. While your room measurements included the outer and inner walls, I’ve used these as internal measurements, adding the walls on; this will give you a slightly more spacious home.

Thanks too for the chat about your preferred styling. You described the styling as something ‘semi-modern’, but which would blend in with the Karoo terrain. I’ve included bay windows, adding both a little extra space and character to the external appearance. The roof of the attached garage looked awkward next to the house’s roof, so I opted for a flat concrete roof with parapet wall surrounds.

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As you want to be off-grid, the garage roof can have all your photo-voltaic equipment placed on it. That little sunroom on the north-west facing adds some essential warmth on those cold winter Karoo days.