A sleeping bag for comfort in extreme conditions

This sleeping bag has been tested in the coldest, most unforgiving environments.

A sleeping bag for comfort in extreme conditions
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No camper, climber or hiker need ever sleep cold again. First Ascent’s top-of-the-range Blue Wolf sleeping bag has a comfort rating of –25°C, making it suitable for the serious adventurer planning on spending time in the most extreme conditions, from the Drakensberg to Antarctica.

The Blue Wolf is a premium goose down sleeping bag. Its design features a differential cut (the outer shell is cut larger than the inner lining), a three-dimensional construction (top, bottom and sides, allowing maximum loft), and overfilled chest and foot sections. The inside hood is oversized for a snug fit, a twin-collar baffle ensures maximum heat retention, and the zipper system is easy to work, with a convenient, quick-draw closure mechanism.

Other features are a chest baffle and face baffle for extra comfort and warmth, and an internal pocket for valuables.
Specifications include:

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  • Shell: Microtex Ripstop
  • Lining: Microtex 5000
  • Size: 225cm x 82cm x 55cm
  • Size packed: 23cm x 39cm
  • Filling: goose down 92/8 (1,2kg)
  • Weight: 2,0kg 

First Ascent is South Africa’s leading specialist outdoor gear manufacturer and uses world-class technology, materials and manufacturing techniques to design and manufacture extreme-tested clothing and equipment for people involved in serious outdoor pursuits. Worn and used in some of the most inhospitable places on earth, these products will also find numerous enthusiastic users among campers and other people who simply enjoy the great outdoors and want to sleep as comfortably as possible.

The Blue Wolf regular size sleeping bag sells at R5 999 including VAT, at better outdoor gear and backpacking outfitters countrywide, as well as by mail order directly from First Ascent. A larger size (10cm longer and 8cm wider) is available for R6 299 including VAT. 

Email First Ascent at [email protected] or [email protected]. Visit www.firstascent.co.za.