Backyard farmers need more knowledge

Yvonne Pawlowski’s letter refers. Her group of friends are not alone in being townies who read Farmer’s Weekly.

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Read "Farmer’s Weekly enjoyed by ‘townies’"rmer, the features I would like to see are those dealing with a return to basic forgotten skills. Most of the farming skills covered in the magazine are aimed at large farmers. What about the backyard farmer like myself – the one-acre-guy?

I have had to learn the hard way and mostly from US blogs and websites on how to encourage chickens to lay eggs, and so on. I’ve therefore had to try and adapt a lot of the information to our climate. I would love to see a section in the magazine dealing with farming from start to finish. Topics could include: buying a sheep to keep the grass short, what sheep to buy, how to shear and when, how to clean and comb the wool, and how to dye and weave the wool.

This information should be for doing it on a small-scale. It would not only be teaching the basic skills, but also result in the passing on of knowledge. My domestic worker also pages through the magazine and we then discuss how we can produce better vegetables or ‘grow’ our chickens more efficiently, etc. Access to knowledge sparks independence and perhaps even cottage industries, thereby reducing poverty around the country.

Read "Farmer’s Weekly enjoyed by ‘townies’"

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