How are your drivers driving? Now you can see for yourself!

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As a farmer, you need to have your finger on the pulse of your business, assets and employees. FM Locate helps to put your mind at ease, as your fleet management data is sent directly to your mobile device regardless of where you are.

Once an on-board computer is fitted to a vehicle – be it a bus, minivan, light commercial vehicle, tractor or motorbike – data pertaining to the whereabouts of the vehicle is transmitted to Compass FM’s secure servers.

This password-protected information can be accessed 24/7 via an Internet-enabled computer or the MiX Locate app on your mobile device. You can download real-time, older or summarised reports. In this way you can keep tabs on your fleet over a prolonged period and spot any irregularities. Data reports can also be opened on Google Maps or street-level MiX Maps, for easy readability.

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Higher productivity
With FM Locate, you can set departure and arrival destinations for each vehicle in order to track your entire fleet, helping to improve productivity and increase security. You will be informed when your vehicles leave and arrive at their destination, as well as about any stops made along the way.

In addition, the device can be set to alert the fleet manager when a vehicle has entered or exited a pre-determined location. This is an effective way to monitor the time that employees spend on site.

Vehicle performance
FM Locate’s vehicle performance information provides another crucial advantage for fleet owners: data on how a vehicle is being driven. This includes vehicle speed and harsh braking or acceleration. Notifications are sent to your mobile device in the event of speeding or other irregular driving activity.

The FM Locate is useful as a schedule planner. By pinpointing the vehicle located nearest to you or a particular customer site, it allows you to plan or change a driver’s schedule with ease. Finally, thanks to its storage function, the FM Locate can help to prevent false accident claims by drivers.

The FM Locate can be rented from Compass FM for R199 per month.

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