Inhumane treatment of chickens

The article “Nulaid could face animal cruelty charges” (28 March 2014) refers. I believe that animal exploiters who have no regard for ethical principles should be punished both legally and through public disdain.

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The photo of chickens in cages too low to accommodate them humanely, and the description of their general treatment is very disturbing. It’s totally unacceptable conduct for any company, let alone Pioneer Foods. I hope the NSPCA will use its muscle to ensure the maximum sentence and will publicise this ongoing disgrace.

This industry has no respect for poultry and treat them like inanimate objects with no capacity to suffer. I quote, “This incident has highlighted the need for continual consumer education about industry practices, which on the surface may seem inhumane”. The word, seem, boggles the mind because the gross cruelty meted out to poultry internationally is appalling. Because they are ‘inferior’ and used for food, very few care.

In my animal rescue work I have handled many bird species, from wild to domestic and have found them remarkably intelligent and receptive to human contact.

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I commend Farmer’s Weekly for its unbiased journalism and quality.