Kudu bull sells for R9,4 million

A kudu bull has been sold for a record R9,4 million by Dries Visser, from Dries Visser Pure Bred Game.

Kudu bull sells for R9,4 million
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The bull, Hercules, has a horn length of 66,5" (1,69m ), but with the tips worn off by age, Visser said the bull most likely had horns measuring at least 67" (1,7m) when he was younger.

The previous record price for a kudu bull was R2,4 million.

The bull was originally selected for hunting for an American hunter who wanted an exceptional animal for a bow hunt. After the hunter failed to take the shot Visser decided to buy the animal for himself as he breeds with kudu.

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Visser has been breeding game since the 1970’s and has had kudu breeding programs for numerous years.

Hercules was on Visser’s farm for four breeding seasons before he decided to sell the bull.

“We think it is possible to get another three years of breeding from him if he is taken care of and kept in good condition,” Visser said.

Louis van der Watt, who in a consortium with Beyers Gerber and Piet du Toit, bought Hercules for the Greater Kudu Club that they recently formed, said they have secured three outstanding bulls, all with horns measuring over 65in (1,65m), and 100 cows for breeding.

“We will swop animals amongst each other and keep the gene pool clean,” Van der Watt said.

According to Van der Watt the demand for kudu was high amongst foreign hunters and he said this market opportunity has largely been missed by local breeders.

He said they were now negotiating to keep Hercules on Visser’s farm as moving the animal posed too risks.

“I come from the business world and justified the decision to pay so much after I did the maths,” Van der Watt said.