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The rise of conscious consumerism

There is probably no issue more complex in the world today than the questions surrounding the future of food production and provision.

How to negotiate with SARS

If you want peace, prepare for war, goes the ancient adage. This is certainly a maxim to live by when it comes to negotiating with SARS.

5-star cave accommodation

I was recently contacted by Charles who had a design request for something unique. He had previously stayed in 5-star man-made cave accommodation in...

Innovative solutions for the environment and food security

Through research and innovation in our food production, we can provide solutions to deliver enough food.

World cheese awards open for entries

The 29th World Cheese Awards has opened for entries. The award is organised by the Guild of Fine Food, and judging will take place in San Sebastian, Spain.

A Tuscan style home

I recently had a meeting with a client, Majola, whose thatched roof house had burnt down. It had a bedroom, a living room, kitchen...

Women in agriculture, leading the way

We should be well beyond the point in South Africa where anyone needs to be convinced that women can compete equally with men on all levels in the agricultural sector.

Newsletter sign up

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A new appreciation of farmers

Over the past several years, organised agriculture in South Africa has busied itself with changing the general public’s image of farmers.

Mpumalanga Boran Sale

Highest-priced stud cow sold for R60 000.

Alpha & Omega Tuli Production Sale

Highest-priced bull sold for R140 000.
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‘Farmers will feel delayed impact of fuel price increases’

For many farmers, the impact of the current fuel price increases will be delayed, given that many producers who are in the process of harvesting and planting would have already...
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