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A GROUP OF FARMERS IN THE CAROLINA area in Mpumalanga have taken legal action against minerals and energy minister Buyelwa Sonjica and Black Gold...


DEPUTY MINISTER OF AGRICULTURE and land affairs Dirk du Toit has called on emerging farmers – especially those producing vegetables and other perishable commodities...

Please click on a link to download the Farm Sales as a PDF13 October 2006: Farm Sales20 October 2006: Farm Sales3 November...

New fruit fly poses huge threat to sa

A new fruit fly detected in ghana could have devastating effects on fruit production and export if it spreads to South africa.

Gwanya reveals new land acquisition plans

Expropriation, a ceiling on the number of farms owned by individuals and land taxes are some of the instruments which will be used by government to acquire commercial farms as cheaply as possible for restitution purposes.

Govt officials prioritise housing in peri-urban areas

A TASK TEAM CONSISTING OF OFFICIALS from the national departments of housing

Battling the blazes:

Working on Fire is in the hot seat Wildfires can be disastrous for forestry and farming, and cause great suffering for people and animals. Working on Fire, a joint national initiative between government and the private sector, coordinates resources to create a comprehensive firefighting system which also provides training and employment to jobless people. Lindsey Sanderson reports.

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