Poly Droppers – fence of the future

The Poly Dropper is a fencing option developed by former Groot-Marico Brahman farmer Etienne Geyer
Issue date 17 August 2007

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The Poly Dropper is a fencing option developed by former Groot-Marico Brahman farmer Etienne Geyer. Created from a blend of four, high-quality, high-density black polypropylene compounds, Poly Droppers are strong and durable. They’re flexible, UV-stabilised, chemically inert, non-conductive and practically fireproof and will last for years, if not decades – they’ll probably outlast the fencing wire attached to them.

Plus, the retail price of Poly Droppers is almost half that of other droppers. Simple installation Poly Droppers are tubular with an external diameter of 28mm and a wall thickness of 4mm. As they’re straight-extruded, they can be cut to any length required, making orders of non-standard lengths economical. The dropper can be used directly in an electrified fence without insulators (bobbins) on the wire. Isolators are only required on die-steel corner posts.

Light, flexible Poly Droppers don’t put extra weight on the fence, saving money on steel Y-poles. Normal spacing is 5m or 10m, but can be extended up to 30m. Most fence builders recommend spacing Poly Droppers 1m apart. Fire retardant I n the manufacturing process, the Poly Dropper slowly passes between two gas flames to make it more pliable and flexible, while red-hot rollers melt wire grooves into its surfaces. The slow-moving, intense heat and flames passing over the dropper are similar to veld fire conditions, but they don’t ignite Poly Droppers.

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At Nampo, visitors insisted on a demonstration on a Cadac gas stove. After over a minute, longer than it takes a normal veld fire to move through a fence, the Poly Dropper was undamaged. Poly Droppers remain elastic and flexible, yet sturdy and strong, over a wide range of temperatures. Specialised features Poly Droppers don’t rust, are ant- and borer-proof and are eminently suitable for high–acid soil areas and saltpans. Rot-proof, they’re extremely suitable for swamps, marshes, high rainfall and humid areas. UV stabiliser is added to increase their durability and lifespan in sunlight, making them suitable for the Kalahari and Botswana. The absence of hard, sharp edges makes Poly Droppers animal friendly and suitable for feedlots, sheep kraals, game fences and ostrich farms.

They won’t damage the animals as steel droppers would. Poly Droppers can also be implanted in the soil to prevent animals crawling or burrowing underneath. Donkeys and Boer goats tend to chew on wood droppers, but they don’t like the taste of a Poly Dropper. Where to buy The factory is situated in Brits in North West. Standard lengths of 2,4m and 1,2m are carried in stock, but custom lengths can be supplied on order. Sales are normally on a cash and carry basis, but deliveries can be arranged at extra cost, depending on quantity and distance. A network of agents is being established countrywide. Prices are available on request. Information on using the Poly Dropper in an electrified fence can be obtained from leading fencing contractors. – Peter Mashala Contact Auriel Mitchley on (011) 889 0796 or e-mail [email protected]. |fw