Setting a poor example

Derek Christopher’s article of 7 June left me shaking my head in disbelief.

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The trophy hunter leaves you “with disdain” but you approve of biltong hunters. You then go on to tell the story of one of your biltong hunts. Your group breaks every ethical rule of hunting and also most of the hunting laws of the province. In a respected magazine you tell the public how your group goes hunting on a bakkie, shoot from the back of the bakkie, and shoot at anything they happen to see without any concern for the safety of the other people on the vehicle.

You tell how you drank alcohol while hunting and try to justify the hunting of a sable antelope on the basis that it had jumped the boundary fence. It is your opinion that it is fair game whether the hunter has the owner’s permission or not and whether he has the necessary licence or not. I would have thought that this type of ‘hunting’ would fill you with disdain as it does me. Your article sets no example to the young and inexperienced hunter and does the image of hunting untold harm.