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Peter O’Halloran - Tax advice

Stocks and shares are not your only investment option

In these uncertain times, it can pay to get involved in alternative investments. In fact, these have a number of advantages over stocks and shares.
Gelukwaarts School

Investing in the future of farmworkers’ children

Gelukwaarts School near Van Stadensrus in the Free State was launched by commercial farmers in the late 1990s to serve their workers’ children. Sunet Wessels spoke to Mike Burgess about...
Patrice Motsepe AgriSA Congress

Black and white farmers’ fortunes intrinsically linked – Motsepe

Speaking in fluent Afrikaans, billionaire mining magnate, Patrice Motsepe, said in his address at the recent Agri SA annual congress in Pretoria, that he was confident that when South Africans...
Pasta putanesca

Pasta Putanesca

There are few pasta dishes as powerfully flavoured as this marine-dominated classic. Try this freshly developed variation at your next dinner party for a really memorable meal.
Sussex cow

Top Sussex breeder’s extreme measures to beat stock theft

Linden Hewson owns the 2017 Farmer’s Weekly/ARC National Best Elite Sussex cow. This achievement is significant, as the Grey Maclean Stud near East London has been kraaled every night since...
Maize crop

Use nitrogen efficiently to save cash and the environment

Nitrogen may be an essential element in crop production, but its inefficient use wastes farmers’ money as well as contributing to potentially deadly pollution of the environment. Dr Alan Manson,...
Focus on creating work, not jobs

Focus on creating work, not jobs

The two-day Presidential Jobs Summit is underway in Johannesburg to find answers to South Africa’s overwhelming unemployment crisis.
Farming towns

Why more and more farmers struggle with depression

Farmers face constant uncertainty: weather, politics and market fluctuations are all factors out of their control. Clinical psychologist Adri Prinsloo spoke to Lindi Botha about how this, combined with relative...
What butchers and abattoirs look for

What butchers and abattoirs look for

To increase your profit, you need to know the age and body condition of your animals and what prices to expect from the markets. Remember, a heavier carcass may not...
Water saving urged as dam levels start declining

Water saving urged as dam levels start declining

South Africa’s dam levels are currently at “comfortable” levels but uncertainty over the impact of El Niño on summer rainfall patterns means that water has to be used wisely.
Call for assistance from Lesotho wool and mohair industry

Call for assistance from Lesotho wool and mohair industry

Following a failed court bid to force the government of Lesotho to withdraw the recently gazetted Agricultural Marketing (Wool and Mohair Licensing) Regulations of 2018, wool and mohair producers in...
Scientific selection: a boost for the bottom line

Scientific selection in beef cattle breeding

Breeding beef cattle for greater efficiency and sustained profit is both a science and an art, says Arlington farmer Llewellyn Angus.


Cattle branding

Cattle branding: how to get it right every time

If branding is carried out poorly, it can lead to infection, muscle damage, and brands that are difficult to read. Shane Brody explains how to ensure safe, effective branding.

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