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Imported table eggs recalled over labelling problems

Imported table eggs recalled over labelling problems

Five containers of imported table eggs have been recalled by South Africa's Agency for Food Safety and Quality (AFSQ).
Roger Jorgensen’s gin

Fynbos and buchu: making SA craft gins unique

Craft gin has quickly become one of the most popular drinks in South Africa, and producers are struggling to keep up with local demand. Keri Harvey spoke to craft gin...
Hygiene is the top food concern among UK consumers

Hygiene is the top food concern among UK consumers

A Food Standards Agency survey among consumers in England, Wales and Northern Ireland found that food hygiene was the top food safety concern for UK consumers when eating out.
Agri SA, Agbiz to meet with ANC

Agri SA, Agbiz to meet government to discuss land issue

Representatives from Agri SA and Agbiz were scheduled to meet with top ANC officials on Tuesday, 21 August, in what has been termed a series of many meetings yet to...
Cotton crop

How SA cotton industry created 5 500 jobs in four years

It’s been four years since the Department of Trade and Industry launched an initiative to increase capacity and competitiveness in South Africa’s textile and apparel industries. CEO of Cotton SA...

Dear Minister Zokwana, you have failed our farmers

Let me start by apologising to all the civil servants working for the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (DAFF), those hard-working citizens who show up at the office every...

Superfruits can help save SA economy

While South Africa was creating jobs and achieving some economic growth, these processes were not happening fast enough to keep up with the rate at which the population was growing...
‘SA lost R1 trillion in economic growth in past seven years’

‘SA lost R1 trillion in economic growth in past seven years’

South Africans were on average 25% poorer today than we were seven years ago, according to Agbiz CEO Dr John Purchase, speaking at the annual Free State Agriculture Congress in...
Pecan nut orchard

Pecan nut farming: high cost, big returns

The boom in nut prices in recent years is expected to continue as consumers opt for healthier foods. This has increasingly led to farmers replacing their crops with nut trees....
Pasta and meatballs

A pasta and meatballs classic

Unless you have the entire Mafia Womens’ League on your unpaid payroll, this Italian-American pasta and meatballs classic is a great moment to display your skills as a solo cook.
Limousin stud Devlan

Top Limousin stud’s ‘simple strategy’ for success

Multi-award-winning Limousin stud breeder John Devonport says that a simple and practical approach makes business sense when breeding top cattle.
Farm list not real

Expropriation farm list ‘fake’ – department of land reform

The Department of Rural Development and Land Reform (DRDLR) has confirmed that the list containing the names of 195 farms allegedly earmarked for expropriation without compensation is fake.


Farmers welcome sharp decline in fuel prices

Farmers welcome sharp decline in fuel prices

The large drop in the diesel price that can be expected for December, as announced by the Automobile Association (AA) on Thursday, will be especially beneficial to crop producers who...

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