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Average yield (ty/ton-1) produced under different treatments

The average total yield (TY) (ton ha-1) of sweet potato produced when 12 varieties were tested to determine the effects of virus treatments on the yield in two planting seasons (Trial 1
and Trial 2). Treatments (T1): multiple infection of the russet
crack (RC) strain of sweet potato feathery mottle virus (SPFMV) +
sweet potato
virus G (SPVG) + sweet potato virus C (SPVC) + the begomoviruses sweet potato leaf curl São Paulo virus (SPLCSPV) + sweet potato mosaic virus (SPMV).
T2: co-infections of SPFMV (RC strain) + begomoviruses. T3: single infection of the RC strain of SPFMV.
T4: co-infections of the begomoviruses SPLCSPV + SPMV.

Symptoms of possible co-infection with sweet potato chlorotic stunt virus and sweet potato feathery mottle virus. These include A: vein yellowing,and B: leaf narrowing, distortion and stunting.
Symptoms associated with sweet potato leaf curl virus. A, B, C and D: Upward curling or rolling on sweet potato leaves.