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Try the new Polysulphate fertiliser

Polysulphate® is a new, multi-nutrient fertiliser that has been introduced to South Africa by ICL Fertilizers.

Polysulphate is a new multi-nutrient fertiliser, available in its natural state, and mined in the UK.

It contains four nutrients in one single crystal, namely sulphur (S), potassium (K), magnesium (Mg) and calcium (Ca).

Polysulphate contains 19,2% S, 11,6% K, 3,6% Mg and 12,2% Ca, all in the sulphate form, and all fully available to the crop.

Its chloride content is very low, and so it can also be applied to sensitive crops. It has a low salt index and a neutral pH.

Polysulphate is derived from a naturally occurring mineral called polyhalite. Being a natural crystal, it has a unique dissolution pattern that releases its nutrients gradually after being applied to the soil.

The prolonged availability of nutrients reduces the chance of fertiliser loss and matches the uptake timing by crops.

Polysulphate is natural, has a low carbon footprint and is certified for organic use.

The 2mm to 4mm (in diameter) granular product has excellent spreading characteristics and is an ideal fertiliser to apply alongside straight nitrogen. It can be applied straight or used in blends.

Key benefits

  • Delivers superior yields, improved quality and increased profitability;
  • Enhances crop health and vigour;
  • It is a versatile product, suitable for all kinds of crops and all types of soils;
  • Easy, uniform spreading;
  • Low chloride, low salinity index, neutral pH and no acidifying effect;
  • 100% organic;
  • Sourced from the UK, with a secure supply of fertiliser.

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