Don’t let thrips creep up on you

In South Africa, this is a relatively new pest in cabbage. The western flower thrip is the problem and apparently was accidentally introduced from the US in chrysanthemum cuttings. It has subsequently become a huge pest of many crops and is also responsible for tomato spotted wilt virus becoming a major disease in crops where it was almost unknown.
Issue Date 16 March 2007

Cabbage has its fair share of enemies

Other pests that attack cabbages
Issue Date: 9 March 2007

Beware: cabbage aphids also carry viruses

Cabbage aphids maintain a low profile in summer heat. is easy to become complacent only to later discover that they have established themselves.

Fashionable flower trends take root

Local and international flower trends indicate that the South African flower industry has to diversify to meet ever-changing consumer demands.

Wise up to consumer needs

The United Kingdom is one of the most profitable export markets for South African fresh produce and according to Roger Jupe, CEO of the UK public relations and marketing communications company Richmond Towers, there is no reason for this to change. Speaking at the recent allFresh! Conference, he emphasised that it's becoming more important for SA's fresh produce growers to understand what informs consumer demands of the new shopper in the UK. Wilma den Hartigh reports.

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