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Irrigation systems for undercover cropping

Maximising water-use efficiency in South African undercover crop farming operations has become both a financial and moral imperative. But selecting the most appropriate undercover irrigation technologies can be a challenge in itself. Three local experts shared their advice on this increasingly complex topic with Lloyd Phillips.

The psychology of retirement

Retirement is not a single event; it involves both emotional and financial considerations, writes Roelof Bezuidenhout.

An app for every farming task

Mobile applications make life more convenient for farmers while enabling them to be more productive. Glenneis Kriel reports on a number of apps that are changing the way farms are run.

Don’t allow change to catch you napping

At times, new developments might seem to come like a bolt out of the blue. But if you keep up with trends, you’ll be forewarned of change and have time to adapt, writes Roelof Bezuidenhout.

Assessing grazing capacity

The number of grazing camps on a farm should be weighed against the escalating cost of fencing material, writes Roelof Bezuidenhout.

When your child returns to the farm

Roelof Bezuidenhout, who farmed with his father for 20 years, explores what is needed for a healthy and productive parent-child partnership.

Some cattle fencing basics

At the start, it’s better to erect less fencing than what is indicated by the initial farm plan.
broiler production

Advice on how to start a broiler business

Chicken farming is the only type of animal production that can provide an income in the short as well as the long term.

Tips for running a farm’s finances in tough times

Unfavourable climatic conditions, poor commodity prices and rising production costs are making it increasingly difficult for farmers to stay productive and run profitable enterprises on their farms. Glenneis Kriel asked three experts for tips that could help farmers weather the financial storms.

A drought action plan for livestock farmers

Drought seems to have become a permanent part of Southern Africa’s weather patterns, but many farmers are still caught unaware, and suffer accordingly.
Legal advice on fighting false labour tenancy claims

Legal advice on fighting false labour tenancy claims

Based on his extensive experience in representing mostly KwaZulu-Natal landowners in labour tenancy claims lodged against them, attorney Rob McCarthy of McCarthy and Associates believes the process is inherently biased in favour of claimants. He speaks to Lloyd Phillips about this challenge, and gives landowners advice on how best to fight false labour tenancy claims.
wind farm

Wind farms: a massive opportunity for SA’s farmers

Fickle power supply and ever-increasing tariffs are spurring South Africa’s agriculture sector to look at alternative sources of electricity. Jacobus Treurnich, the land rights manager of G7 Renewable Energies, spoke to Jeandré van der Walt about wind farms and the opportunities that farmers will have to rent out their land for wind-generated power.

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