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Bigger and better broilers

Do you want to make good money from broilers? Follow this useful advice from an expert.

Inspect the land before you buy

Choosing the wrong enterprise for your farm can ruin the land and quickly lead to poverty, writes Roelof Bezuidenhout.

Managing for profit

Farms need to be managed carefully to make a profit. Let’s take a closer look the meaning of ‘profit’ and how to ensure your farm always makes a profit.

Make your products stand out

In the 1970s, a Tzaneen farmer started growing a small but tasty variety of pawpaw called a papino.

About provisional tax

Most farmers as provisional taxpayers, so it’s important to understand the concept, says Susan Pletts.


With its hybrid vigour, this is a superb cross-breeder.

Commodity Organisations

At last! A way to get funding.

Serious about farming? The new Land Bank loan might be for you. It has tough requirements, but offers real advantages, including recognising the Permission to Occupy (PTO), writes Susan Pletts.

Understanding commodities

The word "commodity"� is used often in discussions on agriculture, but what does it mean exactly?

Management: How to run a meeting – part 2

A badly run co-op meeting can be confusing and unproductive. By following a few rules, you can ensure that your meetings are efficient and help everyone do their job better.

Management: How to run a meeting

Meetings are essential in any business, including farming - but they need to be well-run to be effective.

Understanding percentages

As a farmer, you always need to work with figures and percentages are an important part of your calculations. The good news is that they're really quite easy to understand.


US farmers brace themselves for further crop damage

Farmers in the US have expressed concern about the hot, dry conditions currently being experienced, which comes shortly after the heavy rain and flooding that caused severe damage and delays...

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