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Why a co-op needs to be ‘open’

A cooperative must be transparent to all its members, so everyone understands and accepts its constitution, writes Susan Pletts.

How co-op shares work

Money is usually the main source of conflict in a business, and shares are all about money, so understanding how they work will save you a lot of hassle, writes...

How to set up a co-op

Cooperatives are popular with government and group projects. We look at the requirements for registration and why you need professional help.

How to protect your assets

Beware, foolish or "lazy" business decisions can part you from your assets! And running a business in your own name can be especially dangerous.

How do I apply for a loan?

Knowing how to prepare your loan application shows that you understand business and will increase your chances of getting approval from a bank, writes Susan Pletts.

Do I need a loan?

Many new farmers lack the money to start up their business. But before applying for a loan, make sure it's really necessary, writes Susan Pletts.

Overheads can make or break your business

Overhead costs are like a beard. They're always there, just as the hair you shave grows back. If you want your business to succeed, keep your overheads manageable, writes Susan...

Interest fixed or linked?

You pay interest when you borrow money, so you must know how to negotiate and have a good credit rating, writes Susan Pletts.

How to calculate cash flow

An accurate record of your cash flow is important for your business to succeed. A basic knowledge of addition and subtraction is all you need to draw one up, writes...

Keeping track of your earnings

In the past people traded with whatever goods they had. But these days we can't conduct business without money - our income, writes Susan Pletts.

Understanding cash flow

Budgeting is knowing how much money goes in and out of your business, and cash flow shows when this will occur, writes Susan Pletts.

Budgets – why do we need them?

Working without a budget is like swimming in a rough sea with no life saver – you’re sure to drown, writes Susan Pletts.


Latest rhino poaching statistics called into question

Latest rhino poaching statistics called into question

While the 25% decline in rhino poaching incidences in South Africa between 2017 and 2018 should be cause for celebration, some are calling into question the accuracy of these latest...

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