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Buying a farm – 3

Implement a record keeping system as soon as you move on to your new farm says Susan Pletts.

Buying a farm – part 2

Buyers often forget that they must pay the ‘tax’ portion of the purchase price of the farm, cautions Susan Pletts.

Buying a farm

Base the decision to buy a farm on sound business principles, not on emotion and sentiment, cautions Susan Pletts.

Retail emerging markets demystified

Land Bank’s REM financing package has some tough requirements, and many readers have asked for some of these to be clarified, writes Susan Pletts.

Easy does it!

A US academic believes farming to be one of the most stressful occupations in the world. “Profits are uncertain. Producers must adapt to rapid technological advances and consumer expectations.

How to protect your land

STEP 1: Adopt mixed farming methods

Better broiler house management

According to expert Bruce Gibson, the three golden rules for broiler house management are look, listen and smell. This week Lloyd Phillips reports on the importance of close observation.

Making money from arts and crafts

Arts and crafts can provide struggling new farmers with much-needed extra income, but this trade can often be full of disappointments, says Roelof Bezuidenhout.

How to motivate yourself

To make your farming dreams come true, create an action plan, says Peter Hughes.
9 ways to dispose of plastic containers

9 ways to dispose of plastic containers

Any container that once held pesticides or chemicals can be dangerous and must be properly disposed of.

Bigger and better broilers

Do you want to make good money from broilers? Follow this useful advice from an expert.

Inspect the land before you buy

Choosing the wrong enterprise for your farm can ruin the land and quickly lead to poverty, writes Roelof Bezuidenhout.

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