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Understanding commodities

The word "commodity"� is used often in discussions on agriculture, but what does it mean exactly?

Management: How to run a meeting – part 2

A badly run co-op meeting can be confusing and unproductive. By following a few rules, you can ensure that your meetings are efficient and help everyone do their job better.

Management: How to run a meeting

Meetings are essential in any business, including farming - but they need to be well-run to be effective.

Understanding percentages

As a farmer, you always need to work with figures and percentages are an important part of your calculations. The good news is that they're really quite easy to understand.

Management: Managing your time

Time waits for no one. Time is also money, so it's a resource you must use wisely, says Susan Pletts.

Economies of scale

This is an important concept and one of the major challenges faced by emerging farmers.

Management: Managing people

To run a successful farming operation, a manager needs to know how to work well with staff, says Susan Pletts.

Management: Effective leadership

Successful managers get things done and know how to motivate their workers to do the same, writes Susan Pletts.
Your seven most important financial needs

Your seven most important financial needs

A farming enterprise needs to be managed like any other business, and it’s important that farmers make sure all their financial needs are covered, writes Kobus Engelbrecht, marketing manager of...

Title, lease or PTO?

When you apply for a bank loan, your type of landownership is important, says financial consultant Susan Pletts.

Why a co-op needs to be ‘open’

A cooperative must be transparent to all its members, so everyone understands and accepts its constitution, writes Susan Pletts.

How co-op shares work

Money is usually the main source of conflict in a business, and shares are all about money, so understanding how they work will save you a lot of hassle, writes...


Water cuts result in losses for Gamtoos Valley farmers

Tough water restrictions for the new water year are putting serious pressure on many farmers in the Gamtoos Valley in the Eastern Cape, with some operating in survival mode, according...
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