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Rural development is key to promoting economic development

Investing in an end-to-end employee health, risk and well-being solution can result in considerable savings for the employer, while ensuring that valued staff members are retained.
farm land

Why a farmer has to be realistic

A farm can only produce according to its potential and what’s invested in it, says Roelof Bezuidenhout.

Insurance not covering all your risks? Here’s a solution

Gaps in insurance cover can be addressed by structured risk financing policies that allow for the funding of risks not feasibly covered by traditional policies.

Can your business survive without you?

It is the role of a skilled financial planner to identify potential financial risks that clients are faced with, and provide tailor-made solutions to mitigate its financial impact on the client. This article proposes an unlikely solution to a common, yet often forgotten, risk: ill-health and non-specific absence from duty, and how the use of a power of attorney may protect businesses in these situations.

The importance of succession planning

Succession planning is a process that occurs over time, which ultimately involves the transfer of the farm business assets. It depends on the needs and wishes of the owner.

Minimising the impact of land development

Development in a natural area should maintain the integrity of the environment and never compromise the proper functioning of the ecosystem within the landscape.
Farm dams

Water management: rainwater harvesting and better storage

The message is clear: in terms of both quantity and quality, water is a declining resource, and dedicated management is required to make the most out of every drop. Dr Heinz Meissner and Hylton Cruse outlined the advantages of efficient water storage to Lindi Botha.
Vital tips for stepping up security on your farm

Vital tips for stepping up security on your farm

Despite being continually under the spotlight, rural crime in South Africa continues to plague farmers. Some respond by leaving the sector; others struggle on after having lost property or even loved ones. However, studies show that while the justice system receives much of the blame, farmers should be doing more to secure themselves.
Include your spouse in your will – for your kids’ sake

Include your spouse in your will – for your kids’ sake

For many people, the yearning to spite their spouses by excluding them from their wills is irresistible. They see this as a way this as a way of settling long-standing grudges or posthumously punishing spouses for past indiscretions.
A testator's last wishes - what to expect

A testator’s last wish – what to expect

When drafting a will, the focus is often only on compliance with the formalities of drafting it, and sometimes we fail to consider the practical aspects involved.
The importance of having a well-drafted and valid will

The importance of having a well-drafted, valid will

A will is a legal document that contains the free and independent wishes of the testator regarding the distribution of the assets in his or her estate at the time of death.
Good communication crucial for achieving profit

Good communication crucial for achieving profit

Farmers must spell out to workers what their duties are and regularly review their performance against set goals.


Agri GDP better, but not at its best

There weren’t many surprises, nor much good news, among the second-quarter (Q2) GDP results that were released by Statistics South Africa (Stats SA) during the second week of September.
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