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Grazing and land value

Grazing capacity is not the only factor involved in the valuation of grazing land.

The importance of pump selection

An irrigation pump ill-suited to your operation can result in wasted energy and added cost. For the best results, do your homework!

Evaluating an orchard

A variety of factors are taken into account when evaluating an orchard or vineyard.

Tools for better energy efficiency

You can find hidden ‘tools’ on your electricity bill to help keep the cost of consumption down.

Cleaning your borehole

Regularly checking for tree roots that grow into a borehole, usually just above the water level but as far down as 15m, can save you a lot of trouble.

Valuing irrigation lands on a farm

The value of irrigation land is based on type, soil, distance from water source and orientation.

Getting flood irrigation right

Although this is a simple form of irrigation said to be ideal for smallholders, it’s actually a lot more difficult to get flood irrigation right than drip irrigation or the...

Maintenance for energy efficiency

Regular maintenance of systems is key to a profitable farm. Such maintenance should aim to ensure that all systems run as efficiently as possible at all times.
Water rights

Water rights, what you should know

The Water Act serves to protect, conserve and control the resource for the benefit of the country.

Smart metering

Energy efficiency and the financial savings that accompany it begin with measuring usage. Metering is the only way to achieve this effectively.

Development and price of a farm

The level of a farm’s development will have a significant influence on its open market value.

Consider climatic factors when purchasing land

When purchasing land for farming purposes, climatic factors such as hail and wind must be considered.


Women in agriculture are key to boosting food security

Women in agriculture are key to boosting food security

Food and nutrition insecurity remains a major problem worldwide. Alan Dangour, Professor in Food and Nutrition for Global Health at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, explains how...

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