How to Crop

Cultivating cleome

Also known as oorpeultjie, lerotho and mazonde, this herb is a rich source of nutrients, especially vitamins A and C and the minerals calcium and iron.

Plum production: an overview

Most plums are consumed fresh. The remainder are processed and used as canned or dried fruit.

Common cabbage diseases

Cabbage is vulnerable to several diseases. All can be controlled to a greater or lesser extent, but in some cases the only solution is to plant a resistant variety.

Preventing hybridisation to protect natural resources

Some farming enterprises, such as wild harvesting, require particular care to ensure long-term sustainability and protect the environment.

Growing a pecan tree in your garden

Pecans are not only delicious; they are amongst the healthiest nuts available, says vegetable specialist Bill Kerr.

Preparing a good seedbed for tomatoes

Tomato seedlings grow best in a well-drained seedbed under full sun and protected from strong wind. Irrigation should be frequent but light.

Controlling fleabane in wheat and maize

This winter weed is widespread throughout Southern Africa. It has small seeds and is a shallow germinator.

Tomato pests to look out for

This crop is targeted by a wide range of pests. Infestation will vary from place to place, and from season to season, but some form of pest control will invariably be necessary.

Using manure as fertiliser: Mistakes to avoid

Livestock manure is a popular form of fertiliser, particularly when budgets do not allow for commercial fertiliser. But Dr Gerhardus Nortjé, a senior lecturer at Unisa, says that because manure varies in its composition and nutrient density, farmers should take care not to over-apply it and risk damaging their crops.

Irrigating your home garden

If you apply too much water, you’re in danger of leaching nitrogen out of reach of the plant roots, says vegetable expert Bill Kerr.
Soil samples

Fertilisation: basic principles that every farmer should know

Achieving optimal yields is greatly dependent on providing crops with the right nutrition at the right time. Understanding the role of fertilisers and ensuring the correct application can make the difference between profit and loss.

Know your watermelon varieties

The watermelon (Citrullus lanatus) originated in Africa, where tribes in arid areas used it as an emergency water source.

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