How to Crop

Preparing your soil – part 2

Manure will do more than just fertilise and feed soil, it will loosen it to help the roots grow better and prevent diseases.Issue date: 13 August 2010

Preparing your soil – part 1

You don't need fancy tests to check your soil to see how much fertiliser you need.

Farming hydroponically – part 4

Hydroponics is becoming a popular way to produce vegetables in South Africa because of the high quality of the produce. This week: keeping your plants disease-free.

Growing sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes originate from South America. Their heat tolerance makes them a useful summer crop for areas that are too warm for most vegetables.

Farming hydroponically – part 1

Over the next few weeks we’ll be taking you through this interesting and potentially profitable form of farming.
How to use water wisely

How to use water wisely

Maintain a healthy kitchen garden by irrigating at the right time and giving plants the right amount of water, says Bill Kerr.
Green peppers how to grow them

Green peppers: how to grow them

Green peppers like plenty of sunlight and moist, warm soil. If using seed, plant under a shelter about eight weeks before you anticipate the last frost in your area, then...

How to grow sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes are easy to plant, need little looking after and deliver high yields. They are usually grown in sandy soil, which makes them easier to dig up. But they...

Plan your harvest

When planting a crop on a continuous basis, the tendency is to plant the same quantity regularly. This seems logical, but it's not the best way to proceed, as yields...

Growing potatoes

Potatoes are nutritious vegetables and form the staple diet of millions of people.

Growing onions

Onions are one of the first crops of spring. They are very versatile and can be stored during winter. They are frost resistant and grow in most climates.

How to grow and harvest carrots

Carrots grow well and develop long straight roots when planted in loose, deep, rock-free, sandy loam soil.


SA peanut plantings at lowest level ever

SA peanut plantings at lowest level ever

Only 19 200ha had been planted to peanuts in the 2018/2019 production season, which is the smallest area on record, according to Grain SA head economist, Luan van der Walt.

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