How to Crop

Dealing with cold snaps

Damaging cold snaps are inevitable, but damage can be reduced with some understanding and preparation.

Common element deficiencies in cauliflower

This subject has been covered to some extent in a previous article on cabbages, but as cauliflower is more prone to certain deficiencies, I will discuss these in greater detail.

Cauliflower is no longer out of season

Nowadays Plant breeding is so advanced that some winter crops can ­successfully be planted throughout the year. Issue date 8 June 2007

Diamond back moth – the pest that beats the rest

Of the range of Brassica pests the diamond back moth (DBM) is the most prominent. This white moth derives its name from the dark, diamond-shaped markings on its back. Its...

What causes cabbages to crack?

There are various reasons for cabbages cracking, but knowing the causes can often prevent the problem, which allows for harvesting in time. Issue Date: 16 February 2007


Farmers’ woes mount as floods devastate the US Midwest

Farmers’ woes mount as floods devastate the US Midwest

Heavy rainfall across the Missouri River and Mississippi River basins has ravaged much of the US Midwest this week

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