Keeping records for layers

A management calendar is crucial for success even if you are simply supplying eggs to your own family.

Eggs provide a valuable yet affordable source of high-quality protein and vitamins for normal growth, especially in children. And it’s possible to build, manage and maintain your own affordable household egg production unit on a small scale. Later, you can increase the size of the unit in order to sell eggs in your community.

To do all this successfully you will need a management calendar. This is simply a reminder of what you need to do to make sure your chickens are healthy and producing eggs as they should. A calendar like this is a powerful management tool, and well worth the effort of keeping up to date.

Figure 1 is an example of such a chart with the relevant information recorded. It is reduced in size here, but need be only as large as a horizontal A4 page. Using this sample, make your own, keep it in a prominent place and enjoy the eggs.

Source: Directorate Animal and Aqua Production Services, department of agriculture.