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Know your cattle: Nguni

This indigenous breed offers outstanding beef production under harsh African conditions

The Nguni offers a major advantage over some other breeds: it is indigenous and is well adapted to the heat, disease and environment of Africa.

Nguni are not large cattle and can thrive in most areas. Bulls weigh 500kg-700kg and cows 320kg-440kg. Calves grow at 0,7kg per day and wean at approximately 175kg.

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Finished carcasses dress out at roughly 180kg-220kg. Marbling is good with a thin covering of fat.

What makes the Nguni special?

  • It is an excellent forager and can browse and graze on steep slopes or in thick bush.
  • It has a calm temperament, is fertile, and has a good mothering ability.
  • It handles heat well, has an excellent resistance to ticks and an immunity to tick-borne diseases.
  • It is long-lived.
  • It fattens well on veld as well as in the feedlot.
  • The bulls have well-developed, muscular, rounded humps.

Finally, Nguni cattle are probably the most beautiful cattle in the world, and their magnificent hides are in great demand as rugs and furnishings.

For more information, contact the Nguni Cattle Breeders’ Society via email Website:

Nguni Cattle Breeders’ Society Embryo Plus (

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