How to Livestock

Treating heartwater

Heartwater can cause high fever, convulsions and death among sheep, goats and cattle.
Help ewes bond with lambs

Help ewes bond with lambs

Cut lamb mortality by allowing ewes and lambs to bond the natural way - by smell. Alan Harman reports.

Know your cattle: Limousin

This rugged breed is easy to work with, has high weaning rates, and produces tender, tasty beef
Hugenoot bull

Know your cattle: Hugenoot

The Hugenoot combines the hardiness of the Afrikaner and good production of the Charolais.

Know your cattle: Hereford

This fertile breed will up the profit potential of your cow herd.
Different methods of marking livestock- part 2

Different methods of marking livestock- part 2

Last week, we looked at hot-iron and freeze branding to mark livestock. This week we look at five other methods.
Know your cattle: Drakensberger

Know your cattle: Drakensberger

The hardy and indigenous Drakensberger is a true profit breed, known for its placid nature.
Different methods of marking livestock

Different methods of marking livestock

Livestock can be marked to establish ownership. One method of permanent marking you can use is branding.

Know your cattle: Brahman

The Brahman breed is well known for its hardiness, adaptability and calving ease.
Braford Cow

Know your cattle: The Braford breed

The Braford is a highly adaptable beef breed with good disease resistance.

Livestock diseases: Tuberculosis

We look at how to identify tuberculosis in cattle.

Know your cattle: Afrikaner, the no-nonsense breed

The Afrikaner has good depth and muscular loins, rump, back and thighs. However, it has a fairly shallow body. 



The care unit that treats neglected horses and donkeys

The Highveld Horse Care Unit cares for neglected equines. Farryn Day of the unit says that a lack of education is the main reason for the mistreatment of these animals.

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