How to Livestock

South Devon

A breed that offers lean beef and plenty of good, rich milk.
Selecting the right bull

Selecting the right bull

Selecting the right bull can mean the difference between success and failure in a beef cattle herd.

No help. No hope.

Many land reform beneficiaries struggle due to restrictive and impractical lease contracts. Black Aphane, one of these farmers, spoke to Peter Mashala.

Surplus sheep and goats

When should surplus animals be sold? This depends on their age and condition.


Beef or milk – the choice is yours.

Skins: don’t throw good money away!

Make extra profit by salting skins and selling them as soon as possible, writes Roelof Bezuidenhout.

The basics of creep feeding

This method is recommended for lambs or kids born in winter.

How to raise Boer Goat kids

Boer Goat kids demand care and management for the first few weeks after birth. If you fail to look after them properly during this important stage, you could easily lose up to half of them.
milking techniques

Milking techniques: the best habits

The correct milking method will keep the cow's udder healthy and improve yield.
healthy udders

Healthy udders mean more milk

A farmer has to treat skin problems in cattle such as frostbite, warts and blue udder disease before they lead to a lower milk yield.

Dealing with Mastitis

This is a potentially fatal disease, and needs prompt and careful attention.

Why are goats so special?

Goats are remarkable animals. They're tough and versatile, and have more uses than you could ever imagine.

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