How to Livestock

Buy cattle from a reputable breeder

Buy cattle from a reputable breeder

There are many sources of good cattle, both registered (stud) and commercial. It is best to purchase from a successful and reputable breeder who sells only sound cattle as breeding...
How to develop and manage a small beef cattle herd

How to develop and manage a small beef cattle herd

Raising cattle properly requires money, land and skill. Do you have enough of each to enter this business? Equally importantly, do you have a genuine interest in cattle?
Animal health: rabies

Animal health: Rabies

It is time once more for our annual warning about this deadly disease. Rabies can strike any warm-blooded animal and it is rightfully a feared zoonosis.
Understanding fodder flow

Understanding fodder flow

It’s crucial for livestock health and economic efficiency to bring herd size in line with the fodder production of the farm, so that sufficient quality dry matter is provided on...
Habitual abortions in goats

Habitual abortions in goats

Habitual abortions can cause devastating financial losses, and culling will be required to bring it under control.

Rift Valley Fever in sheep and goats

Rift Valley Fever causes abortions and death of lambs, and can be fatal to humans. Vaccination is crucial.
sheep-vaccination enzootic abortion

Dealing with enzootic abortion

This infectious condition is one of the most common causes of abortion and death in sheep and goats.

How to be a good stockman

Whether you’re farming in the semi-desert or on pasture, you will benefit from having a practised eye, says Roelof Bezuidenhout.

How stress affects livestock health

Livestock can suffer stress even during normal handling, increasing their susceptibility to a number of serious diseases.
bonsmara cattle

Know your cattle: The Bonsmara breed

The Bonsmara is an outstanding beef breed, developed in South Africa.

Tips for producing low cost livestock feed

Here’s how to prevent calamity on your farm during times of grazing scarcity. And you don’t need mechanisation, says Shane Brody.
dosing lambs

Follow these guidelines when dosing lambs

Every sheep farmer strives to get his or her sheep onto the market sooner and earn more money. Jannie Fourie of the National Wool Growers’ Association gives useful guidelines to...


Dezzi three-wheeler cane-loader

Local manufacturers seen at Royal Show

Every year, the Royal Show features exhibitors and agricultural equipment quite different from those at Nampo. The Royal Show is also a showcase for smaller and local manufacturers.

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