How to Livestock

sheep-vaccination enzootic abortion

Dealing with enzootic abortion

This infectious condition is one of the most common causes of abortion and death in sheep and goats.

How to be a good stockman

Whether you’re farming in the semi-desert or on pasture, you will benefit from having a practised eye, says Roelof Bezuidenhout.

How stress affects livestock health

Livestock can suffer stress even during normal handling, increasing their susceptibility to a number of serious diseases.
bonsmara cattle

Know your cattle: The Bonsmara breed

The Bonsmara is an outstanding beef breed, developed in South Africa.

Tips for producing low cost livestock feed

Here’s how to prevent calamity on your farm during times of grazing scarcity. And you don’t need mechanisation, says Shane Brody.
dosing lambs

Follow these guidelines when dosing lambs

Every sheep farmer strives to get his or her sheep onto the market sooner and earn more money. Jannie Fourie of the National Wool Growers’ Association gives useful guidelines to...

Do’s and don’ts of FAMACHA scoring

To implement this system properly, you will need to obtain practical hands-on instruction in its use.

Checking a bull’s scrotal circumference

The scrotum plays an important role in the fertility of a bull and its daughters – and should be examined closely when selecting bulls.
Profitable small-scale sheep farming

Profitable small-scale sheep farming

It is perfectly possible to farm sheep profitably on a small piece of land, says Jannie Fourie, National Wool Growers’ Association production advisor. To do this, never exceed the carrying...
Van Rooy sheep

Know your sheep breeds: Van Rooy

This is a locally developed medium-to large-framed sheep, with both rams and ewes polled.

Treatment and control of salmonella

Salmonella is a notifiable disease, often resistant to antimicrobials. Control should focus on eliminating, as far as possible, the sources of infection.

Beware the spectre of salmonella

One of the difficulties in fighting the spread of infection is that cattle might appear healthy even while they are spreading disease.


hardy Bosvelder-type ewes

Indigenous livestock perfect for small-scale farmers

Ross Rayner and his father, Roger, farm 40 Nguni cows and 35 Bosvelder-type ewes on 250ha in the Mankazana Valley near Adelaide in the Eastern Cape. Their operation is an...

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