How to Livestock

Do’s and don’ts of FAMACHA scoring

To implement this system properly, you will need to obtain practical hands-on instruction in its use.

Checking a bull’s scrotal circumference

The scrotum plays an important role in the fertility of a bull and its daughters – and should be examined closely when selecting bulls.
Profitable small-scale sheep farming

Profitable small-scale sheep farming

It is perfectly possible to farm sheep profitably on a small piece of land, says Jannie Fourie, National Wool Growers’ Association production advisor. To do this, never exceed the carrying...
Van Rooy sheep

Know your sheep breeds: Van Rooy

This is a locally developed medium-to large-framed sheep, with both rams and ewes polled.

Treatment and control of salmonella

Salmonella is a notifiable disease, often resistant to antimicrobials. Control should focus on eliminating, as far as possible, the sources of infection.

Beware the spectre of salmonella

One of the difficulties in fighting the spread of infection is that cattle might appear healthy even while they are spreading disease.

Dealing with bovine TB

Bovine tuberculosis is a controlled animal disease in South Africa because of the long-term negative effect of the disease on people and the economy.
Braunvieh cattle

Know your cattle: Braunvieh

One of the oldest purebred breeds in existence is the trusty Braunvieh.

Producing livestock feed without mechanisation

Many emerging farmers lack the resources to produce crops needed to feed their livestock when grazing becomes scarce. But with a little innovation, they can overcome this challenge, suggests Shane...

Dairy farming: a beginners guide

As the fifth-largest agricultural industry in South Africa, milk production provides a regular income for thousands of small and large producers. If you wish to enter the sector, make sure...
Animal identification: when to brand livestock

Animal identification: when to brand livestock

Marking livestock can deter thieves. It is also a legal requirement. Gerhard Uys provides a brief overview of the process.

Vaccinate your livestock!

Most of the cases of infectious diseases reported to the Ruminant Veterinary Association of South Africa every month can be prevented if livestock are vaccinated properly.


Making the most of calcium as a soil and plant nutrient

Making the most of calcium as a soil and plant nutrient

Despite being a vitally important element for optimal crop production, calcium is often largely undervalued by farmers and agronomists. Plant health expert Heather Raymond explains why this outlook needs to...
Firestone Farm Hard

Farm hard with Firestone

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