Farm Basics

New opportunities to generate a sustainable income are opening up in SA’s poultry industry.
Security advisor Henk Boshoff says that farmers should avoid becoming soft targets for potential farm attackers. He spoke to Gerhard Uys about making a farm and its surrounding communities safer.
Raising cattle properly requires money, land and skill. Do you have enough of each to enter this business? Equally importantly, do you have a genuine interest in cattle?

Plough for more

The grain industry must be concerned about possible endocrine-disruptive chemicals in pesticides and insecticides, says Prof Riana Bornman from the department of urology at the University of Pretoria.
It was evident at this year’s Chardonnay Celebration, hosted by De Wetshof near Robertson, that Chardonnay had come a long way over the years.
With an expected 70 000 people attending this year’s Nampo Harvest Day, Bothaville and surrounds will be packed.
Free State Agriculture (FSA) is determined to give a voice to the province’s farmers, according to Francois Wilken, president of the organisation.
The 2011/2012 table grape harvest season has come to an end with the biggest harvest season ever recorded since deregulation.
Outbreaks of a previously unknown wheat leaf disease have been reported in South Africa, which could have a serious impact on food security and sustainable wheat production in the country.
South Africa is seeing renewed interest in crocodile farming, with skins fetching attractive prices. There is a growing international demand for the product, and SA may be at an advantage.
Sheep farming in KwaZulu-Natal is reeling from the effects of rampant stock theft, and as a result many farmers have either switched to cattle farming or left agriculture altogether. Issue...
Theo de Jager stands at a crossroads. He can choose to sell his farm to one of 16 land claimants or he can fight to stay in business. Does Theo’s...
South African farmers have long been encouraged to add value to their products for improved profit and control. One farmer that has taken this to heart is bringing home the...
‘Don’t romanticise small-scale farming’ was the message at the recent Potatoes South Africa symposium held to discuss speeding up black economic empowerment through partnerships.
Government’s move to establish agri parks as a way to transform rural communities has sparked much debate. amaVeg in Komatipoort has successfully broken into the local and export markets and...

A simple yet stylish home

Jonno sketches a rough layout for a simple yet stylish home. The design is cost-effective, which allows for further renovations at a later stage.

Old Platanna

Chameleons may look like mini dinosaurs, but they're a highly evolved kind of lizard with unique abilities, "modifications" and "specs". But their numbers in South Africa are declining, writes Abré...
A client in Estcourt, KwaZulu-Natal, recently asked me for additions to an existing 6m-diameter thatched bedsit to accommodate a new farm manager and his family.

Back to our roots

Jonno shows an example of a traditional farm homestead.

Island curry

Imagine a little French island in the middle of the Indian Ocean. Then imagine a curry that has flavours different from any curry you’ve enjoyed before… Cari de poulet à...
The living areas and bedrooms should thus be placed around an enclosed inner courtyard. We also want as many large windows and sliding doors as possible, and the styling should...
If you want to grow plants and decent-sized fish, the first step is to get rid of those plastic circular bins.
Quick implementation of vaccination and biosecurity can stop an outbreak, says Dr Mac.

Resistance problems?

Various factors can contribute to resistance in your horse - the bit is not necessarily always the problem. Issue date 15 June 2007
With careful management and good quality birds, any fancier with the right attitude can become a contender, says Thomas Smit.

Horses and back problems

The signs of backache are evident in almost every stable yard, but there’s hope – and help, says Kim Dyson.
West Rand pigeon fancier Steven Fouché’s dedication to pigeon racing has made him a force to be reckoned with on the scorecard. Thomas Smit reviews his achievements.
Henk Conradie adopted no-till practices four years ago on the nine farms he manages in Mpumalanga. He tells Peter Hittersay how he converted to this system and why it has...
Diversification and crop rotation keep Petrus van der Walt busy 12 months of the year. But the bottom line has been worth the effort for this 2011 Limpopo Farmer of...
The late Peter Venter captured the essence of fresh-produce markets when he said, "When a country needs to import most of its fresh produce, then it doesn't require markets to...
A Code of Conduct (CoC) ensures stability and purpose within a sector and a measure of confidence for clients. Market agents have a CoC embodied in the constitution of the...
Controlling weeds has become a big issue with the increasing cost of labour. Fortunately, when it comes to the cucumber family, there are several options to reduce weed growth as...
Over the years, I’ve listened to market people bemoaning the fact that producers supply direct to supermarkets.

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